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AA Cater Truck Inc.

750 E. Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90011
Tel: (323) 235-6650
Fax: (323) 235-6656

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Special Features:

Why choose an AA Cater Truck Catering Truck?

All catering trucks are structurally designed with over 30 standard features.

Safety and Security is our #1 priority. Our trucks have the highest crash test results in the industry.

AA Cater Truck brings you the latest design in catering trucks with an all aluminum body and advanced structural design.


360* VRcam:

AA Cater Truck brings you an interactive virtual tour for each of their main trucks and trailers. No plug-ins are necessary, just click on the desired link to start the tour.

Catering Truck Kitchen VR tour

Kitchen Trailer VR tour

HIVCO Plumbing Truck VR tour

2007 Parts Catalog:

2007 AA Cater Truck parts catalog


Hollywood Catering TrucksAA Cater Custom Catering Truck Serving Hollywood

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Vahe and the AA Cater Truck StoryThe AA Cater Truck story. NBC documentary.

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Small Catering TruckAA Cater Truck promotional video.

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HIVCO ManufacturingHIVCO, trucks manufacturing overview.

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Catering TruckAA Cater Truck, promotional video.

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Crash TestHIVCO crash test video.

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