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 The Standard Catering Truck:

The closest thing to a money tree! The AA Deluxe Series Catering Truck 2010 helps you make more profit because it looks better than any other catering truck - and works better, too!

• Best Quality Materials and Equipment
• Fine Finishing by Experienced Craftsmen
• Superior Design and Construction
• Smooth First-Class Operation
• Competitive Price
• Excellent Guarantee
• Easy Payment Financing
• All Aluminum Body
• Center Partition Door

 Interior Features:

The deep-fat fryer has two baskets and a lock-down lid which closes itself when the truck is in motion. It turns out approximately 40 pounds of fried potatoes per hour.
2. The water system consists of two faucets, one near the steam table and the other near the coffee urn. In addition, a built in hose to wash the interior of the truck.
3. There is stainless-steel pans with removable covers and lock down lids. It has double tanks and water is heated in the lower tank for use in the sinks.
4. The large griddle is made of stainless steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning. It is heated by three burners, each one with a manual valve to adjust the heat on any part of the griddle. The flow of propane is controlled by a safety pilostat, pilot carrier burner and thermocouple.

 Exterior Features:

1. The refrigerated cold box has two cooling systems; a 110 volt condensing unit which freezes a cold holding plate over night and an engine-mounted compressor for use when the truck is in motion.
2. Optional sunroof.
3. The two exhaust vents on the rear of the truck have removable louvers for easy cleaning. The emergency door is held in the open position by gas arms and is located near metal bins for trash and grease.

The 10-gallon coffee urn with hot cup dispenser tubes is heated by propane with a temperature control valve and safety pilostat.